Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ah TA we love you so!
The day we spent with this cheeky engine

Cute Dad

Cute Kids
Looking out the window

It was a bit windy!

Tiny wouldn't be in the picture without me
She couldn't quit staring at Sir Topham Hat either

A stop at the "Imagination Station" is a requirement
Note the small box of chalk by the tent peg
She noticed it as we were walking by into the tent and made a bee line for it and grabbed a piece


Ah to draw and draw and draw!

Meanwhile Mowg checked out the trains
(Or in his Dad's words spent a long time in the tent of chaos)

After a while Tiny went in and discovered the coloring table.
Pictures were taken

Mowg did a great job with this one
He even took a short break so I could take his picture
"It's 'P' Mom!"
Percy is a favorite
Played a little golf
Learned about waiting until the other person is done with the hole.
Tasted Cotton Candy for the first time
(Now Mom has to share, darn it!)

Did a little reading whilst waiting in line
to get our picture taken with Thomas

Look there's TA!

I'm going to double post today as there are so many pictures from our fun day
(I know you thought that was about enough didn't you?!)


mia said...

Percy and James are my favorite, but I really like Harold also. =)

Heather said...

He stood by Topham hatt!!! Yeah! Ben missed that this year but we had so much family in town it didn't work. He talks about it still from last year.