Saturday, February 18, 2012

I've been working on some Wonky House Blocks for a swap.  I have 7 done--5 more to go.

This first one isn't quite done, but it's slightly too small so it's the one I'm keeping.

Breakfast House

Fish House

Rainbow House with garage

Pigs on the Roof!
Strawberries in the garden.

Cupcake House

Umbrella Tree Bird House

My photography leaves a lot to be desired--the colors aren't very true.
I've sure had fun though trying different things and different stitches on my new machine.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February needs flowers
At least that's how I feel and the sunnier the better.

Where have we been?  Oh around.
Tiny's been packing her own lunch
(that's an unopened brick of cheese, "MEM's", and chocolate milk)

We went to a "meet and greet" evening with the IDPSSSDR Dog Mushers
Here's Mowg and I half watching a video, half watching Tiny

And here's Tiny!

Note her expression here--it's part of the dance
The drummer of a live band that performed later in the evening
asked her if she liked to dance.  She responded, "I'm a great dancer!"
She'd definitely fun to watch.

As we were leaving we wanted to take a picture of
one of the trucks with Flat Stanley.  When we asked, James Wheeler
 (a musher) not only let us but
brought Pepper (one of the dogs) out so we could get a picture.
As result, when they announced his arrival at the end of the race
Mowg yelled out, "That's the guy I like!"

The next morning at the start of the race here's Mowg, Flat Stanley and
one of the mushers giving his lead dogs some last minute psyching up
as the 10 second countdown begins.

Tiny and Flat Stanley waiting for the next team to come into the shute.

The dogs are EXCITED!
Lets GO!  Let's GO!

There was a bit of time for snow play at the finish line.
The snow was up to Mowg's waist up there.

Once the dogs are in they're pretty worn out.
(Who wouldn't be after running for 3 hours?!)
Note the dog's snow covered face.
He (she?) just buried her face in the snow
and seemed to be getting a drink.

Tiny liked watching the support crews do their feed-the-dogs-etc.-work.
(even if she doesn't look like it in this picture.  How did my kids get so camera-wise?!)

The End