Wednesday, December 27, 2017

4th Quarter Finishes

I got one little quilt done this quarter
Baby Turtle Quilt
I'm pleased with how it turned out and it will be on it's
 way to my sister as soon as I finish quilts for her girls.  
Baby steps--hopefully starting in January I'll get to more finishes.
It's finally getting colder.

My big list is HERE

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Animal Quilts Book Blog Hop- Day 1 | The Tartankiwi

Animal Quilts Book Blog Hop- Day 1 | The Tartankiwi

Have you seen these quilts?!  I love them all and want to make them all.  And there are giveaways over the next several days.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

4th Quarter Finish Along

Cowboy Quilt

 Fairy Quilt for Babywan

Fairy Quilt for Tiny

Midnight Sun Quilt for me

Sea Hawks Quilt (finish applique and quilt)

Christmas Tree Quilt

Dad's Line Quilt

Mom's X&O's Quilt

*Honeycomb I-Spy Pink


*Baby quilt patchwork

Tree of Gondor Quilt

Flamingo wall quilt

Halloween Quilt 1

Halloween Quilt 2

100 Days Quilt for Mowg

100 Days Quilt for Tiny

100 Days quilt for Babywan

Fall Quilt

Embroider Flower Quilt

Book Quilt 

Gnome Quilt

Very Busy Spider Quilt

Cabin Quilt

Animals Quilt

Nursery Rhyme Quilt

Pi Day Quilt 

Baby Turtle Quilt

Fish Quilt

Welcome Friends Embroidery Quilt

Neck Pillows 2

Table Runner Flowers

Table Runner Halloween

Orange and Yellow Quilt

Christmas Wreath Green

Christmas Wreath Blue

Christmas Tree for the Wall

Sarah's quilt with fairy panel

Bear Flower Quilt (baby)

Dog Quilt

I have a long list as always!  However, I was looking at an old list and I got more than half of that list completed doing this, so I think it helps!  It certainly helps to write it down and see what I really have completed.  Then the stack doesn't look quite so overwhelming--I really have finished a few things!  Most of these are in flimsy form--though a few are partially pieced.  It's quilting time this quarter.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I know I haven't posted in a very long time, but my son Mowg (11 years old) made an Overwatch Quilt--start to finish.  He came up with the design, enlarged it, appliqued it, quilted it and bound it.  I coached a little, but mostly stood by at my cutting table as moral support.   He's inspired me and I wanted to share it here because I'm so pleased!  It's exciting when some of the headache of sharing what you love bears fruit like this.  Thank you Angela Waters and your Midnight Quilt Show for inspiring him to quilt it himself!  His sisters made sure he has his quilting juice (water with ice) for the process.

Genji from Overwatch