Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snow: what I woke to today

Smoke and rain:  Smells of my early adulthood and a morning on the wharf when a stranger told me, "You're as beautiful as this day's going to be."

The White Witch (of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe fame):  my new neighbor, I'm certain though I've not seen her or anything related to her except the "always winter, never Christmas"

Katie Morag and the New Pier:  a book I picked up in Scotland that I read today.   I want to live on that island though I know such places no longer exist...if they ever did.

Grannie's House:  The place on the map in the above book that Mowg got really excited about seeing.  "Is that MY Granny's house?"  Alas, No.

"Pretty" (or a sound much like that which did in fact mean said word):  A word which here means "the white dress-up dress that I will be wearing the rest of today if you'll just help me put it on."

A picture I can't take or write of a little girl in the above dress (did I mention that it's over the top of a Blue's Clues polar fleece hoodie?) dancing in circles while twirling a silk scarf her Dad painted (and I still haven't set!)

Wrestling: with my boy and jumping sillies out. Not to mention wiggling those waggles away.

What moments have you hugged close to your heart today?

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