Saturday, May 29, 2010

She's been picking up sticks

Hi YA!  (Don't get too close, just trust me on that ok?!)

Good Job!
She's also recently (tonight in fact--which is good since we don't want any in fiction's going on here) acquired the skill of getting on and off the big outdoor trampoline by herself.  I don't have any pictures, but she's quite pleased with herself.  She wasn't the least bit pleased about having to stop practicing her newly discoverd skill.

We do a lot of jumping at our house
even indoors

There's a song our Granny taught us that we use a lot.
It helps us take turns, it's fun to jump to and sometimes there's just energy that needs to be burned (or rather sillies that need jumped out and wiggles that need waggled away).

"Jump, Jump, Jump your sillies out. 
Jump, Jump, Jump your sillies out.
Jump, Jump, Jump your sillies out. 
Wiggle your waggles away.

When we get the the "HEY!"  Hands are thrown up like this:

And the next person gets a turn.
Sometimes the song get's changed:
"Jump, Jump, Jump on your one leg."

How do you get your sillies out?

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mia said...

We make farting sounds with our mouths ...ya I know we are cool.