Friday, February 15, 2013

The quilt top is done!
My sashing fabric looks much better in person.
It's got gold swirls all over it and is really pretty.

This was my first quilt-along and I loved doing it.
It was also my first time following a pattern, doing stars, and flying geese.
Lots of imperfections, but I'm still so pleased with how it turned out.
Now I have to decide how to quilt it.  Hand or machine? What pattern?
I haven't ever machine quilted before so I'm toying with that. 
But what if I ruin it?!  So I may hand quilt it.
I can't say enough positive about Melissa at Happy Quilting.
This was a great (easy to follow) tutorial with great results.
If that wasn't enough she's been so supportive.
Thanks Melissa!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

"We took full measure of the ordinary and did not find it wanting."
-Christopher Kimball
My new favorite quote.  I came across this in the editorial of Cook's Illustrated (a magazine worth subscribing to just for the completely non-cooking related editorial.  I really think that.  No kick backs, no exaggerations).  In honor of it I took this picture out of my bathroom window:
The one footed laughing icicle
When I look I always find the
extraordinary (and absurd) in the ordinary.

Friday, February 8, 2013

They're DONE!
I'm so pleased with how they turned out.
My accuracy has major room for improvement,
but I LOVE them.
Mowg said: "Mom, this is really pretty.  Can it be a quilt for me?"
Um, No.  I'm already working on one for him.

I'm so grateful to Melissa at Happy Quilting for this quilt-along
and great pattern!  I have big plans for another one soon.
But first Mowg's quilt.  I owe him big time.

This week's been a little rough.
I've had 3 sick kids. After a few pictures Baby-wan had had
We're on the mend--we hope!  Here's an "out take" from
the pictures I was taking of my finished blocks.
The big kids were blocking window light when
a monster appeared!
Light blocking from the dark side.
This is the best shot I got of all three kids
Mowg, Baby-wan, and Tiny
(there you go Mom.  That's what I'll call her on the blog: 
Baby-wan (like Baby-wan Kenobi.))