Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring Birds
or what a few birds did in the snow

One of our Robin babies took up a position on the snow buried christmas tree (we really are going to burn it one day)

Momma came along to feed

He bulked up as best he could

Shook the snow off from time to time

Had a visitor that kept it's eyes on me

And didn't stay long (it's taking off can you tell?)

Here is Springwinter

The picture Mowg took

Momma Robin has had enough of these shenanigans. 
"Get off this perch!  Can't you see there are people in there?!"
We didn't see baby bird out in the open again.

Poppa Robin

That's all the snow (for now)!
And since I've been a bit misleading (unintentional!) all of these pictures are from the same day.

Here's a few pictures from that evening:
It was still a bit chilly
(we weren't out for long.  In fact I'd just pointed out what the snowman looked like and they were out the door before I could stop them.  I'm glad we go shoes and a hat one one at least!)


(yes that's a flurry of snow across her face)

Others of us had some snow hauling to do.

And building
Turned out pretty good.
Then there was the occasional drips from the roof

And here is the poor snowman
with a princess
The end of an interesting day

It's been lovely since that morning.
Comfortable temperatures for playing outside
Sunny and Cloudy days.
A few more pictures of that tommorrow.

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mia said...

I need to come and visit! You guys have WAY too much fun!! =)