Wednesday, May 5, 2010

But wait there's more!  We took a little drive and saw:

The Clouds (as if we were walking in them)

The sheep being brought in for shearing

And a sheep camp of two

We also found a park (thanks to a our Dad)

Where we played and played!

She has a hat too, but you won't catch her wearing it if she can help it!


A pumping demonstration

The explanation

Let's see, Like this?

Ha, ha!

Tiny bails off the swing with no warning whatsoever
(what ever happened to that healthy little bit of fear?!)

No fear here either

Planning the ascent

I feel the need for speed!

An honest to goodness metal merry-go-round!
(I still can't go around more than once or twice without serious repercussions)
And of course Tiny's favorite pastime Bark Shifting/Removal/Replacement

A bit of climbing

Our whole family in one shot!

Yes, someone was there against her will.
I don't believe her appeal to a higher source helped much. :)

And here we are at the Caboose

Climbing the stage coach.  A fitting end.
A lovely day.
Complete with the first Double Dip Article Circle Ice cream cone I've had since College (the first time!)
Bliss even for a first timer.

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Heather said...

The hat flying off on the slide is awesome! His smile says it all.