Monday, June 4, 2012

The Avengers have made an appearance at our house


It's good to have super hero's around.
Gumdrop building take two

On their own

a house!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Treasure Hunt!

Upon aquisition of a treasure map left by the Pirate Stinky Lafeet

 "Follow the arrows" the map said

Another arrow

What have we here?

You have to dust it off carefully

What was inside?  ANOTHER map!
That Stinky Lafeet is a tricky pirate.

Finding "Rockman"

Another good looking spot.

What have we here?

Another treasure box!

What was inside?  Treasure! (or in Tiny's words, "Candy!")

A fun saturday morning with Dad

Kindergarten Graduation

The program performance

"Sometimes we played in the snow."

Congratulations from the principal


Mowg with his teacher

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spring means bike riding and pausing for a drink while bike riding
(not a normal drink)

Throwing rocks into the river


Over the bridge

Playing at the playground at the end of the day

Fun times!

If you need something that's relatively easy to do build things with
gumdrops and toothpicks.  I got the idea from here.   I started out with a 5 pound bag of gumdrops (spice drops if you like) and a box of toothpicks for each person (flat...though I would recommend the round as they're stronger.  Flat was just what the store happened to have)

Each person got started building, but we ended up with partner's
Tiny's singing a song while Dad works on Gumdrop Tower

Mowg's building a man

And a place to feed a dinosaur

Let's do it together!

The Final Gumdrop Tower
(and two builders)
Note the carefully made color pattern

Mom and Mowg with the dinosaur building and the man
Note the very random colors on the dinosaur

Some of the building mess

We had a few colored round toothpicks and they were much more secure.
Far easier to work with.

If you're wondering about something very fun to do without much prep
(or clean up--except deciding what to do with your creations)  This is perfect.

Friday, June 1, 2012

If you're getting the idea that I'm catching up, you're right. 
The blossoms are gone now, but the climbin' tree bloomed (crab apple)!
Tiny girl loved it.

"Here's a flowler for you."

We also had some unexpected guests one Sunday
wild baby ducks rescued from a black cat 

After a treasure map/pirate adventure at school Mowg and
Tiny (her highnesty) had some adventures of their own.

The serious pirate pose

"Now how am I going to get down?"
This is my treasure map.

"You do this and say 'Hello your Highnesty'."

Spring in all its adventuring
When Mowg gets to go swimming at school, Tiny gets to play in the water at home.

Fixing her car

running through the water
(not as easy as it looks to man the hose and the camer)

And what's water without an umbrella?


Water is a wonderful thing!