Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Has it really been a month?!  Things are still plugging along here.  Unseasonally warm weather, the slow plodding pace of settling in (with moments when the pace is quickened by help.  Thanks Sis et al)  We're heading into the enduring to the end part of pregnancy--a mix of me of not wanting to experience it and  just wanting it to be over.

It's funny how as the time grows nearer my tiny girl who's about to become a big sister grows more and more excited.  She announces to anyone who will listen that we are going to have a baby.  This includes strangers walking into stores we are walking out of.  I really doesn't matter if you have ears she'll talk to you.  Even if she just suspects you might have ears she'll talk to you.   Sometimes she feels inclined to point out how big my belly is and asks the question:  "Do you know why my Mom's belly is so big?  She's going to have a baby!" 

One of the things I love about her at this age is the excitement that seems incessant about just about everything.  She reported to Mowg this evening that she had so much fun this morning canning tomatos (we were actually shredding zuchini in the food processer--the grownups in the house canned tomatos 2 weeks ago).    She and I spend a lot of time doing one or two things and then she plays on the computer while I nap.   It's an easy-going relationship and I'm really enjoying it.  Our Mommy School time sometimes gets frittered away driving to appointments, but her only response so far has been excitment on the days we get to say home.  "We get to stay home today?    Wahooo!"    That's hard to beat.

Life is good.