Sunday, May 30, 2010

At all of these events they have entertainers that perform under a tent.
One of the "groups" was an interactive percussion show.

Fish tambourine player!

Star tambourine player (in deep concentration)
Fish tambourine playing with some good help
Then they moved on to bongo drums

The musician played the song "Wipeout" and the kids were to scream and play their bongo's as hard and fast as they could when they heard the word, "Wipeout."

They also had to stop from time to time and just listen

They took turns concentrating these two.
Now to switch tracks:
(sorry couldn't resist the pun and I just like the lines in this picture)

Before their show begins they announce it about a hundred times
" This show will begin in ten mintues." etc
To help with attracting an audience they also had the coolest rotating bubble machine that blew bubbles everywhere (the wind helped with that some)
We are bubble fans and had some fun playing in them on our way out

Chasing the bubbles with style and grace

Airplane Boy
running through the bubbles

"Bye TA, Bye!"

(that's stamping ink on her fingers.  We did that after we colored in the chaos tent)

We took a drive after we left the event so we could wait at a crossing while "TA" rode past
This gave us the chance to wave at all the kids that were riding the train too.

On the way home I got this shot of one of my favorite places in this region
The combination of water and the layering of the mountains behind makes me feel as though I'm in my childhood home.  In a valley that appears to be surrounded by moutains without any way out except over those mountains.  If you just keep going, however, a way opens up that is not over the moutains, but through them.  Adding to the illusion was the peek-a-boo game the sun was playing in the clouds making
Diamonds on the Water.
I love that!

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