Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!
Did you have a good one?

I have finally gotten things worked out for the time being.  I needed some more photo storage and I've solved that problem for the moment.  (Have you ever made a Blurb book?  It is the coolest!   I'll gush more about that another day.)  We're settling into our new place and it's starting to feel like home.  We have much to be thankful for as it was bitterly cold and we were toasty and warm.

We got snow for Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving Morning I was working on a sewing project and my dearest had to work.  The kids had to be in the same room with me and needed something to do besides sit on my lap and fight over who was going to help me sew.  So I let Tiny take a pin for a minute.  She'd take it over to a pillow I'd just made her Dad and stick it in and then Mowg would bring it to me and we'd start over.  Well it wasn't long before she took exception to this plan.  So I just gave them the whole box of pins with strict instructions not to lose any in the bed.  As a result they made our Thanksgiving Porcupine!  Happy Mom.  Happy Kids.  Incidentally isn't that a cool pillow?  It's a neck pillow.  They're easy to make and help your neck relax.  If you want to make your own check out this link:  They're fast and easy once you get over the initial "I can't do this" angst.  That's how it was for me.

Snow got serious for us and we were very thankful not be traveling.  School got cancelled 2 days in a row.  That doesn't happen here, ever.  It was crazy.  We snuggled in only going out for dinner.  (Thank you!)  It was wonderful.  I hope your thanksgiving was delicious and your heart full with all the things you have to be thankful for. 


mia said...

Can I ask a stupid question....why do your pins have D's on them?

Chiska said...

So not a stupid question. They're a free gift I got with something I bought. Apparently they're helpful for knowing which way you're pinning your pieced quilt pieces. "D" for down. I'm not sure I really understand it, but there you go. I like them because the top is big enough to grab easily...for big and little hands.