Friday, May 21, 2010

We went to a wedding recently
There was a little girl who wouldn't let go of hat.  She was looking for her Dad

She found him.

Some indoor pictures

Who taught him how to pose?!

Waiting for the wedding to begin
(waiting happens when you show up an hour early!)

Walking around

There were pictures to be taken

Food to be eaten (there's a pig roasting in there!)

Dances to be Danced

What's a twirly dress good for except a great twirl!


Extra help with pushing

Walks and talks

Then more just walks
She would not let go of the hat

There was a dog slightly humiliated

Seeks assurance from a small girl

We're so glad we got to witness the happy occasion.
The culmination of a lot of hard work.
A lovely day for two lovely people.

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Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous Dandelion "Tree"; I hand to look again to actually see that it wasn't a real tree! And the little ones are captivating! Would love some hard copies of a few of those! The birds in the tree and the wedding pose are really great. Thanks for making me smile today. You always lift my spirits. I love my bag - fun to see in in the "Muddy Spring" too!
Bless you for keeping the Gnome boat races going and letting me have a share! Aaaah the memories!
Big HUGS and lots of love