Friday, May 7, 2010

Last night as I was folding clothes after having planted a berry patch (under threat of snow) I just couldn't imagine being able to make the trek upstairs to put them all away.   That meant of course that they would all get knocked down and strung all over the room first thing the next morning.  I happened on a plan that turned a bit of drugery into delightful play.  Both kids are at a stage where they love being involved in whatever is going on.  They would take a short stack up the stairs and put it away (Tiny with help from her Bro and Dad).  Then towards the end all that was left was clothing they couldn't put away so I asked that they jut put it on our bed.  That's when the fun got started.  Tiny would grab an arm load run across the room (at first) to the bottom of the stairs and then hand them off to Mowg.  He would then sprint up the stairs (laughing all the way) desposit the clothes and come back for more.  As time progressed Tiny would anticipate Mowg's return and run back to me where he would come to get his next load.  Lesson learned:  Involvement of others in drugery can make it take on a magical transformation into fun.

PS In "this windy afternoon" (as Mowg described it to his Dad) they'd helped with the berry patch too:  unloading the tote we had filled with strawberry plants (having saved them from being plowed under at our nephew's place--aka he gave them to us) into a small wheel barrow and bringing them over for me to plant.  They helped with "ripping" the dirt to prepare the soil, collecting branches and stones to make a "fence" around the patch and finally (and the most fun) hauling water in watering cans to water.  We had a grand afternoon.

This morning we were met by the threatening snow and still hold hope that our little plants will make it.  There is water in snow this time of year.  That's something to be grateful for.

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