Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's raining this morning.  A delightful change from snow to be sure!
However, I'm in need of flowers since there aren't any blooming outside.

Some lovely flowers from Mother's Day

"I found the perfect one for Mom!"

This bit of sunshine from my girl was bounced down the sidewalk as she ran to give it to me.
Smelly sunshine, but sunshine none-the-less

Even pretty lightened up a bit

Or perhaps a little darker

Then there are the lilacs I brought inside to force:

I just like the texture/color of this picture

And the DARK richness of this one

Happy May Flowers!


Maraiya said...

Fabulous flowers. I'm just glad the April showers are over!

mia said...

Wow...what pretty flowers. I love that you are playing with shadowing..I need to learn how to do this.