Sunday, May 23, 2010

This morning as I was going about my business I began to notice a little mimic.
She has her own style (she wore a pink ball cap for a while) but she was copying me just the same.
It started at the table as I went through the ads and then a magazine
I glanced up after reading for a while and she was staring at the page, hand to her cheek, glancing up at me.   Copying me exactly.

In the bathroom she set up shop
Chose her own reading materials and joined me.

And then put her potty away when she was done
one piece at a time.

Before I went to get my camera her books were scattered all around her so she could see them.  Things changed once the camera arrived.  That may be as it should be.
It's a good reminder.  She's always watching

Disclaimer:  no potty going actually occurred during the shooting of these pictures.

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mia said...

I LOVE the putting a way of the I wish my kids would help me to clean and put away.