Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We did this before Thanksgiving, but so much fun I have to share.
First we mixed beans (pinto, black, white), popcorn,
split peas, and some left over pumpkin seeds together.
There was lots of hands on mixing that spread to the floor.

It was easy to sweep up, so everyone truly had fun.We filled some clear empty pop bottles with seeds.

Then I made a candle fit into the top.

Wala! Candle ready to be lit and blown out.

Then we added glue to a small bit of beans and stirred.

We pressed this mixture into some "molds" of an empty sour cream container, and a small ice cream cup (empty as well). Then we pressed a candle into the center. We used birthday candles for the small ones (we were after all already planning to blow them out) and a taper candle for the bigger one. Here's the lovely result:

Note: The glue hadn't completely dried on the "big" candle--when it did the white glue effect went completely away. It was really quite pretty.

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