Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Two really quick thanksgiving pictures and them I might move on. Maybe.

I made pilgrim hats out of what I had, which was mostly fabric. I scorched this one terribly, but you can't tell, nor can you tell it ever had any starch in it. At least the warm up "feast" is cute to see.

This is my 2nd bucket had failure. He's holding it on his head because it won't stay without the help of his hands. Then when we went to take it off the electrical tape stuck to his hair. I don't think he'll allow it near his head again. Sigh. Maybe next year.

Did I mention I used vinyl that I'd cut off a chair we just got rid of? I starched some fabric and attempted to use it for the "bucket" part of the hat, but when it didn't fit we abadoned it for the THANKFULLY found piece of poster board that I saved from a sign when I was part of storytelling club LONG ago. Hmmm maybe I shouldn't bother next year. We'll see.
I did spend way too much time on this hat. Thank goodness for my models!

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