Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Did you wonder if we'd frozen to death? We managed to avoid it. We've been:

Tree collecting and sledding (more on that later)
Discussing the finer points of wearing mittens

Granny and Grandad sent us a package quite a while ago and we loved everything in it.
This is for them:
Tiny loved her new doll.

She also loves rocks as much as her mom does

We rediscovered this as we were setting up our tree last night. The kids found a box of rocks I had tucked away. We love rocks! I collected some pretty cools ones and it was fun to look through them and do a little remembering. Rocks just rock. Green, white and black, black and white, cool shapes, cool impressions, neat layers, even some asphalt I think I picked up in Scotland.....thinking it was a really unusual rock. Perhaps not so much.
See you soon!

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