Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One of our favorite traditions is going on a tree hunt in the forest. We're grateful to live where we do so that such a trip is relatively brief and very fun for all of us.
As "luck" would have it we found one right away.

The help abandoned soon after the process began.
The snow was pretty deep for the tiny one

Heading out

The guy in the front there--he does most of the work as you can see.

While we love this tradition having both grown up in the Northwest there are things about it that aren't quite as much fun--but make it quite comical.
Like tying it on the top of the car.

OK it might not look amusing, but trust me--we have a small vehicle.

Being stuck in the car while everyone else is outside

We still have a good time over all
(And the above sadness only lasted a few moments, truly.)

Here is my shadow to prove I was there.
The battery died before I could hand the camera off.
(not bad since I haven't charged it since October)

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