Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Show and Tell

Just a few things to show and tell. Black bags for the kids to carry a notebook and pens(and whatever else they decide they need to. I'm really pleased with how these turned out. I had a shop put the snaps on. It's a split bag so it has 2 pockets, made of cotton duck for sturdiness, and a long strap for across the body carrying (this is the only way to carry bags you know!).

Here's the bags lazying about.

I also made some Boogs (you remember, right? Book Bags). These were intended to curb the astronomical number of books we bring home from the library. It didn't really work. They are both filled with library books and we have a stack besides. It was fun though and the little critters have been trailing me (in boxes) since my childhood. They're supposed to be stuffed toys, so I stuffed them on the bags and tiny immediately tried to pick hers up like a baby and hug it.

They're also lined which I haven't done before. So do a little happy dance with me will you? I tried something new and it worked out!
The kids helped me make a satchel style bag for their dad with a wolf applique and an internal pocket for pens. I was pleased how it turned out but couldn't (or didn't) track it down when I was taking pictures. Another exploration just beyond the edge of my experience and knowledge.
I also learned I don't know a thing about button holes and did you know that bias tape is stretchy?! Oh EVERYONE already knows that? Well I didn't. Now I know why the 3 bags I've used bias tape for the strap and/or handle didn't work so well. Who needs a bag with a stretchy handle? Glad we got that one out of the way.
So can you tell that I think Christmas is for bags?


GPT said...

Cool Chiska, these look great. I like the pencil paper bags, what pattern did you use? Cool and good for you. Thanks for sharing. :)

Chiska said...

I made it up actually. The orignal idea was to give to my nephew to keep his computer game. We liked the size really well and so I just stuck with it. I think all but one nephew has one now. If you'd like I can try and remember the dimensions for you. Thanks for you comment!

Heather said...

You are so creative. The bags look great and I am sure they will be well used by your little creative people.