Thursday, December 17, 2009

One of the things I love about this time of year is the things that my children introduce to me or that just somehow happen as we begin to develop our traditions.

I was regaled this morning by a very interesting story of the first christmas (complete with a pointing stick as he pointed to the window clings and explained what each one did) Did you know the wise men came down from heaven and brought silver and gold? And that the shepherds brought a new sheep? There are interesting things to be discovered.

A favorite activity at our house is blowing out candles. It was quite entertaining to watch tiny especially "blow out" the christmas lights as we put them on the tree.

I also love all the goodie making that goes on. I tried Banana fudge this year. It's good if you like fudge....same consistency only banana instead of chocolate.
Another favorite is a cookie made from pretzels, rolo's and pecans. Super easy to make and include the kids--the pan is cool enough that nobody gets burned and so delicious!

Gingerbread cookies became a year round event at our house this past year. For christmas we may even frost them. More about cookies another day.

I'm also loving our story advent that includes the singing of a carol. The kids are pretty patient through the story (I need to get some pictures incorporated into my "book") but the singing of the carols is magical as that's dancing time. So much fun!

What things are you discovering or have discovered in the past as a result of your little ones?(your own or someone else's?)

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SHAKS Watts said...

Do share the rolo concoction . . .