Friday, November 27, 2009

"Sledding" is a new favorite past time. Our yard is relatively short on hills.
A slight incline at one end is about all there is. It's still loads of fun.
Mom likes it best when the boyo takes a turn pulling.
Granny, this next one's for you. We love our new hats!
You can tell tiny girl's has been tossed about, but it can't be pulled off.
I like that best of all!


Liz and Kevin said...

Cheeska- is that the head I made WAAAY back when in Provo? I keep looking at it and it looks exactly like my drawing "talent". Remember the "leopard-spotted pant**s"? LOL!-Lizzie

Chiska said...

I just saw your comment today, sorry! YES! It is the head you made. I had to copy it because it was getting a little worn, but I'm still hanging onto the original. I do remember leopard spots! :)Hah! Ah good old days! Speaking of which I found a little seed pod on one of my bookshelves with a little note from you....have a good day. It still makes me smile. Love ya! C