Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Welsh Cakes

A few years ago a local friend of mine was given a gift of a subscription to the Christian Science Monitor. When she was finished with them she'd pass them along to me. I'll tell you the truth, I didn't read many of them. I'm a newspaper flipper. I flip through and sort of scan the page to see if something catches my eye. As I was cleaning up recently I found one of those articles that not only caught my eye, but I had saved for the recipe included in it. Welsh Cakes. Whew, aren't you glad you came on that meandering way?

We finally made them as a surprise breakfast in bed for that hard-working Dad of ours. The kids were very excited about eating in our bed. I can tell you from a clean-up point of view they were a terrible choice. The sheets had to be changed, blankets shaken out and a few crumbs hovered that night. However, from a surprise, fun, out-of-the-blue perspective they were perfect. I googled the recipe and it's readily available out there. We ate ours with hot apple cider, orange juice and water. If you want to try a fun sweet treat I highly recommend them. If you've Welsh in your ancestry think of it as pursuing your heritage. Mmmm!

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