Thursday, December 31, 2009

I got a wonderful gift this Christmas. It's the above book. It's a story that combines the natural world (in a magical sense), Santa, and the nativity. I love those things and think they all belong to Christmas. So I was delighted to unwrap it Christmas morning. Santa is worn down by Christmas preparations and takes a nap by a tree. The animals come and think Christmas has come early, then that it won't come at all. Santa's sets them straight and he tells them the nativity from the perspective of the shepherds. Then the animals help Santa with preparations and a renewed Santa carries on. It's not a dazzling in your face kind of a book. It's a quiet book. I have noticed my little man picking it up from time to time and looking through it. Studying it. I love it.
The other part of the story is that I just discovered this story about 3 weeks ago in a library foray. My dearest didn't know that, but selected it for me just the same. Not from a list, but from his heart. Thank you my love!

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