Sunday, June 14, 2009

We had a birthday here recently of the first kind. :) Here's a bit of that fun day. Here's part of what we love about this girl.

Happy Birthday!
Don't miss any!

Top of the cake after it had all the dream whip and sprinkles removed. (in tiny little pinches)

Finally tasting the cake itself.

This darling girl loves life and getting into it.
Big time getting into it.
She loves loading and unloading anything from bookshelves to kitchen drawers to a random bag that got too close. She loves food, her big brother, music and noise of any kind, and lets not forget movement. The girl moves all of the time. Today for example I left her swathed in towels on the middle of the bed while I ran the 5 feet to her room to get her some clothes. By the time I was back out her door she was at the top of the stairs have successfully maneuvered the descent of the bed and crawled to that point. (Trust me I was running the whole time!)
Happy Day Tiny Sweet!


Wade said...

Dad loves his sweet girls!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little princess. This year has gone way too fast. It looks like she enjoyed her cake.