Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I mentioned yesterday that I'd been feeling grumpy about the rain. The truth of the matter is that I've just been grumpy.
So here's what I did. I made two columns on one side was the list of "Things I hate about my life right now" (Listed as "A" below) on the other side was a list of "Things I love about my life/Reasons I should be grateful for or the positive side of the things I hate" ("B" below) (I know, I know, the second list title is insane--but how else do you inclusively say it?!)

Here's a bit of that list (I can't share EVERYTHING you know :))

A. Continual stickiness and constant (it feels like) food cleanup
B. Delight in food. Bahgera ate a nectarine recently with ecstatic relish. I love that. I also love seeing Mowgli start to eat things. It's impossible to describe how amazing and exciting it is when a child that doesn't eat begins to make forays into that magical ground.

A. Kids that wake up through the night.
B. I have kids.

A. Long to do lists and no time to do them.
B. Knowledge that I have a physical capacity to do them even if I don't have the time.

A. Lab orders pinned to the bulletin board for months.
B. That we don't have to do labs once a month at the moment and things are wonderfully boring.

A. Messy house, muddy floors, things everywhere.
B. It shows that we have stuff, we have fun and an interest in a wide variety of things.

Maybe things just aren't that bad. :)


Emily said...

I like your list. You have a great attitude. ;-)

Chiska said...

Thanks! Some days are better than others. :)

Heather said...

Thanks for the reminder. Life is good!