Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So I'm a little tardy today. We just have too much going on. A little trip to a clinic after a fun weekend hanging out with Granny and the cousins. I don't have time to upload pics, but I wanted to share part of a conversation between Mowgli and Tiger last night:

Dad, do we have creatures in our house?

(explanation ensues that includes the idea that all living things are creatures. They talk about all kinds of "creatures" including the people who live here. One of the creatures Dad mentions is apes)

No Dad! They're not in the creature family! They're primates!

So there you have it. My quote of the day. Right up there with his response to a question--Do you like it when we stop and get icecream? "I lick and lick and it gets on my pants." True, True.

Have a Happy Day!


Heather said...

Fun to see you for a second. Was everything ok at the clinic?

Chiska said...

It was fun to see you for second. You missed some funny testimonies-little kid said he knew Abraham Lincoln was a prophet. Britt stood up (I'd asked him what he would say and he told me Jesus Loves Me) and said, "People die" and then just stared out at the congregation. When I asked him "Does Jesus love you?" He repeated it, "Does Jesus Love me?" Kinda funny. :)
Clinic went great. It was the eating one. Keep going with what we're doing he's doing great and growing. :)