Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Bliss

I played a little game today while Bahgera slept. I loaded a "freight" car with spiny weeds while Mowgli ran the "rails" as James, the splendid red engine, hauling my freight away. We took them to the "docks" and let the "crane" unload them when the car got full. Later in the day Bahgera joined in the fun as did her Dad. We'd wave hello and goodbye as "James" came and went collecting the weeds that the "workman" (Dad) dug out. I'm sunburnt. I see thistles when I close my eyes. I know where the ant nursery is. I know the location of the hideout of those nasty earwigs and some silvery bug that has to be just as bad. My backyard is cleared of thistles. My family is content. A lovely day ending with plans to continue our game tommorrow.

Hooray for dirty feet! They have a tale to tell. While other folks are bored or sad, we're dancing very well.

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