Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Place of My Own
When I was a child I always wished for a place of my own. The closest thing I had was the top bunk. Oh yes, that was a marvelous above the hubub fortress of my own. I dreamed and wrote often of my own home, my own room, my own space. So it should be no suprise that we wanted Mowgli to have a room of his own (oh wait he already does--dang!) so we (OK Tiger) cut the top off several of our "extra" tipi poles and made a tipi that we hope will be covered with vegetation later this summer.
A place of his own, he doesn't know how lucky he is.
(Actually he can't quite figure out what is so great about a place to get away from everyone--he can't get enough of other people. Hmm maybe it will be MY hideout!)

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Emily said...

Lucky Mowgli! In my imagination, it is going to be wonderful.