Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mowgli's Surprise project

I read recently *somewhere* about a project using empty tin cans to create a tea light. I had a tin can recently emptied of something exciting like beans or tomatoes that I filled with water and put in the freezer. I fully intended to give the idea a try in the late evening hours when I might have some time on my own. Instead I forgot about it until yesterday when I was putting something else in the freezer. It happened to be Bahgera's naptime and I was looking for something fun Mowgli and I could do together. Ta da! So I decided instead of drawing a design on a piece of paper and punching it out with the nail, we'd just fly by the seat of our pants (or is it fingers?)

So we began (I mean what could be more fun than a hammer to NAIL into something?!)

We decided we'd make Mowgli with hair. The result:

It wasn't long before this tea light making thing became more work that it was worth. We took up a new line of work. Chipping our Jungle Book friends out of the ice in the can. This was a lot of fun and had the side benefit of little bits of ice that "taste like snow!". It was very exciting when we released each one from the ice. "Look it's Baghera! Come on out."

It's funny how things change with kids and still come out fun.

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