Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Remember This?

From this post: ?

Well apparently the little bird was asking permission to build a nest on the front porch light. It decided it was better to ask forgiveness than permission (since no one was answering the door anyway! I mean it did try after all.). Besides it was going to be used for something other than eggs anyway. So it just went ahead. We watched it. Hoped to see eggs in it or at least a bird at some time. No luck. After a storm last week it looked as if the secret nesters had had a quarrel and destroyed the nest--bits of nest scattered at the front door. Maybe piled is a better way to say it. Sort of a going away present. I think this might mean that spring will be maturing into summer sometime in the near future. Or it just might mean nothing at all. I know. I know. That's a couple of minutes you'll never get back. Smile. You don't want to lose any more do you?

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