Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to my Dad.

I have a picture of you tickling my feet while I'm sitting on your shoulders. I'm pointing far away. "What's that?" is the caption on the picture. I wasn't very big. (I was going to scan it, but you know what happened I'm sure--computers!)

It makes me want to say

"Who's that?"

The guy that has imperfections and makes an effort to overcome them.
The guy that always listens and responds thoughtfully.
The guy that taught me to always try and see a different side of a situation, both in making decisions and dealing with other people.
The guy that had the courage to say things that were difficult to say at important crossroads of my life (even thought they weren't often well received in the moment).
The guy that dreams dreams.
The guy that knows how to dress well.
The guy that puts God first and family second.
The guy that knows more cheesey lines that anyone I've ever met.
The guy that I can run to when I have a computer question and even if we can't figure it out we can get confused together. :)

That's my Dad.

I love you Dad! Thanks for all you are to me.

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