Friday, March 4, 2011

We got a bunch of snow yesterday, about a foot.

Mowg asked if we could go for a walk.  We waited until Dad got home and went for a walk up the hill from our house.  It was snowing sideways.  Tiny squealed, "Wahoo!  This is so fun!"  We decided to come home and spend some time in the backyard.  There were snowball fights (one good guy and one bad guy.  The good guy always got missed and the bad guy had to fall down)  After Dad had been the bad guy and was laying on the ground, Mowg came over to him and asked, "Dad, now wasn't that fun?!  Let's go help Tiny with the snowman for a little while."  While Tiny and I were building up the snowman she said, "This a wunnerful season.  Make a snowman."  The kids put the funnel on top of the snowman when we weren't looking.  It seems appropriate for this train obsessed household.  Later that night inside the house Tiny made apple soup for us.  Here's a bit of what she said very enthusiastically.  She is always very enthusiastic:

"I going to make apple soup fo you guys!  On de baf.*  Apple Soup!  Is hot!  Soup is ready.  **bery  caful.  I need you to taste it!"
*Translated: In the bath--a doll bath
** Be very careful

I don't remember if I shared the hats that Dad and Tiny are wearing.  Tiny's actually wearing Mowg's hat.  She and I made them for Dad and Mowg for Christmas.  We're pretty pleased with how they turned out.  I can't remember the exact fiber content, but it was from spun by fairly local spinner from wool, alpaca and silk I think.  Just a little share.

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