Friday, March 11, 2011

I think I might have made it into the running for Mother of the Year on Wednesday.  We had a few hours at the beach in the kitchen.  The kids and their friend that was visiting were in swimsuits.  There was lots of water.  Some pretend play.  It was magical.  It came about as a result of Mowg picking Humphrey the Lost Whale to watch a TV.  This led to the location of some marvelous whales in our toys.  A humpback whale was quite imperitive.  This led to penguin play with a mommy, daddy and baby.  Later that day we "planted" chocolate chips in bread to make Pain au Chocolat.  I got this idea from HERE.  Delish!  And then used sock toes to create little Grasshead people.  We used wheat (it sprouts and grows marvelously fast) and the idea and how to do it came from HERE.  I didn't win housekeeper or cook of the year, but I'm defintely in the running for Mom.  I needed that.  Up until then there was quite a lot of cabin fever anger floating around.  Hooray!


Jess said...

Can I come to your house? It sounds like so much fun!

Chiska said...

Come on over! It would be even more fun with you guys!