Saturday, March 12, 2011

I thought I'd share a few places that I enjoy going to gather ideas of things to do with my kids.  Sometimes my search is directed and other times I'm just browsing.  I'm feeling as though I overstated my mother of the year status and don't want you to think that I don't suffer from feeling like I'm not being quite enough most of the time.  It was just one of those days when everything worked and we had a great time.  All of us, not just them and not just me.  Anyway, these are my most frequented.  There are others out there that are wonderful and other blogs that I read, but these are my most looked at.

Ordinary Life Magic Science/Math/Craft ideas.
She has wonderfully organized lists of projects.  Math and SCIENCE projects that are fun to do.  She also has fun and interesting craft projects.   One of my favorite places to go for our Fun Friday activities.  We just made wheatgrass heads and the little sprouts are starting to poke through!  Yea for old mismatched socks!

Wee Folk Art.  Craft
This is a mother and daughter team.  Fabulous projects also very organized.  Most of these are projects are craft oriented, but they also have 3 curriculum's for preschool/kindergarten that are wonderful.  Even if you're not homeschooling they're great activities that are fun for that age group.

Rythym of the Home  Craft/Food/Ideas
This is a quarterly online publication that is filled with crafts and ideas that follow the waldorf and montessori schools of thought in education.  You need time to look through them, but still very helpful ideas.

One Pretty Thing Across the board ideas
This is a catalog site of ideas from around the web.  They're posted by theme: holidays, kid crafts, types of crafts etc. 

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