Wednesday, March 30, 2011

After putting your names into a hat the winner is:  Jeanene!  I need to get your address and I'll get the book on it's way.  Thanks for playing along! 

I just got back from my first time away from kids since they were born.  It was great to be with my sister and her husband in the temple, see friends, and visit with family.  However, I'm just not that excited about leaving them again until they are quite a bit older.  Sometimes it's good to know things about yourself.  I did as consolation bring back some visitors. 

Granny and for the first time to our house Grandad!

He was a big hit

Especially with a certain tiny girl

What's not to love about someone who's willing to be your roundhouse (that's where trains sleep).

Uncle came along too and put some engineering skills to work track building

We got to show them a bit of our town

Mowg gives us a pose at the Train Depot 

While it may not be London, we do have a lovely phone booth.
Incidentally it makes a great place to step out of the blowing snow

Brrr!  Welcome to Spring at our house

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Maraiya said...

One of the reasons I love your blog is seeing my family in "print." I'm so glad everyone got to visit! (Even though I'm really happy when there here as opposed to there!)