Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Singin' in the Leaves

I'm picture challenged at the moment.  On top of that it's been glorious outside and winter is coming (Friday according the weatherman).  So we're outside as much as we can be for the  moment.

 I just recently watched Singin' In the Rain with Tiny.  She watched parts, but it's the handful of favorite songs that she's come away with that are delightful to me.  So here's what we have been doing every morning on our walk back home.We have a small "ditch" area along the road almost to our house where piles of leaves collect.  I don't know if it's the wind gathering them there or people.  In any case, we stomp through them TWICE each day.  The routine never varies.  As we do (at Tiny's prompting) we sing: "We're stompin' in the leaves, just stomping in the leaves.  What a glorious feeling!  I'm haP PY again![all the inflections of the original song are in place] I'm laughing at clouds.  I'm singin' and stomping in the leaves."

You can't sing about smiling and not smile.  Even if you've had a rotten morning, which we often have.

Along that line umbrella's are a new dance prop since we've seen that movie and anything that makes a satisfying slap will do for tapping out the intense splashing scenes from the movie.   Leaves make a great substitute when water isn't available.  I wish I could show you the tip back of the duck umbrella and the squinting of her eyes as if she's stepped under the drain spout when she performs.   It's another thing that I can't help smiling over.
You've got to take the smiles where you find them.

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