Monday, October 24, 2011

A Child's Day of Play

You know I love alphabet books, but sometimes one just dazzles.  This is one of those times.  This Book is amazing.  Each letter begins an action word.  Ida Pearle's cut paper illustrations are incredible.  It leaves me a bit speechless really, it's so interesting to look at, so simple in concept.  It's also an amazingly affordable way to have some of Ida Pearle's work.

This is another one that is just fun to look at.  It's not really about the alphabet as much as it is about typeface, but each animal is made up of a unique typeface of the first letter of it's name.  It reminds me a bit of typing class in high school when we'd make pictures just before holidays.  I'm a parent who often responds to requests to draw something with writing the word (I'm trying to stop, but this may be my way around).  I really love the description of typefaces and the pictures they additional pictures that are created with each letter.  B's that turn into boots on a stick figure for example. 

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