Friday, October 28, 2011

Recently we attended a Fancy Party

Fancy Mowg (with hat he decorated himself)

Fancy Mowg enroute to the party

The Lady of the Hour

Tiny in her self decorated hat (and new princess dress-thanks good will!)

There were even magicians peforming astounding feats
(impromptu and with many failed attempts--just keep trying!)

Fancy Tiny on the way to the party

That's for you Fancy Granny and Grandad
We love you!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what section this comment goes with but I LOVE them ALL! The Fancy's are AWESOME! Mowg looks like one of the black-glove society types and Ahhh - the lovely lady Tiny! So good to see you all again! I love the leaf angels too! What a grand idea! We don't get that many leaves on the ground where we are in Alaska - it looks Sooooo fun! Mom's hair looks like its getting long too:) BIG HUGS to everyone!!! So glad to have you back!