Saturday, October 22, 2011

Once in a while I get asked to read

"Mom, will you read us a story?""Do I get to pick?"
We read Halloween Pie by Micheal Tunnel and Fall is Not Easy by Marty Kelly

I love fall books.  Halloween Pie is a little more ghoulish looking that I like, but I love reading "Give me some pie!" over and over again.  I also like that no ghouls are harmed in the making of the the end they float back to where they belong on steam.

Fall Is Not Easy is just fun.  The tree talks about all the other seasons and how easy they are, but it can't seem to get its colors just right: a rainbow, a hamburger, and even an Eat a Joe's sign show up in the tree and then finally all the leaves fall off and then it's winter again.  Winter is easy.  It's that simple.

In other book reporting news let me share one more:
Frogs Jump by Alan Brooks, illustrated by Steven Kellogg.
We picked this up at DI (a thrift store) on a trip West recently.  It is so much fun!   A little tedious to simply read, but in a large group that's acting out what's going on, it's rollicking.  This is a counting book that counts to 12.  There is also some thinking that goes on.  Each of the animals do something that they do in nature, but they've taken on human contraptions:  snakes sliding on water slides, spiders spinning on merry-go-rounds, pigs squealing on motorcycles, etc.  Half way through the book as you've built up to the number 12 (repeating all previous numbers each time--tedious unless you're moving around with 5 and 6 year-olds') you learn that Whales don't blow soap bubbles.  Then you reverse the count (no longer repeating) and lose all of the human accoutrements (the frog eats them and becomes enormous).  It's very fun.

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