Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dad!  I found your pants! 

I went to a garage sale a few weeks ago at my son's request.  We found a treasure trove of things we wanted/needed.  Among them were a pair of kelly green polyester pants.  They look just like the ones you (Dad) used to wear when I was in high school.  At least that's when I remember seeing them the most (will they ever wear out?!).   Yes ,I bought them along with a pile of other shirts and pants in colors ranging from lavendar to mint green.  They're all destined for a quilt (say what you like, I love a polyester quilt in the summer time for "outsiding").

Incidentally, I also found something else of yours, Dad.  A saying that you gave me quite often as a child.  I find myself repeating it to a certain young man in my life.  It seems to be sticking and almost always elicts a smile and (for me) a little lump in my throat.

This is how it goes for us:
Mom (that's me):  Have A Great Day!  Better Yet......(I raise my eyebrows and smile)
Boy (that's Mowg): MAKE ONE! (Big smile and a wave as he turns his back to race onto the playground)

To put it in perspective a little unless I have bribed him the night before this comes after a morning (I almost typed mourning--apropo!) of whining, crying, and yelling.  It's a rollercoaster this parenting.  I'll don't think I'll ever get over the stomach to the throat changing of things.

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