Monday, July 20, 2009


Just before my Mom's most recent visit she asked me if I had any excercise weights. I don't. Tonight as we were walking down the trail I realized why. Mowg wanted a ride back after our rock throwing, hiking adventure. So Dad obliged handing Baggy to me. She was excited--it was her turn to walk. Do you know how long it takes a tiny person to walk? Normally that doesn't matter, but light was fading and we wanted to get back. In any case I started to let her walk a few steps then swing a "giant step". A few times I tried picking her up and walk/running as fast as I could. That brought howls of protest. I wanted her to have a good time so I obliged for a bit. It didn't take long before I was lathered. Good ole Dad quipped to some friends we met on the trail that we didn't need weights--we grow our own. Good thing they're cute! So next time you come Mom, we have weights and they'll let you "hold" them or swing them along the trail so long as you're moving. Just be prepared for a WORKOUT!

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