Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I know it's been days and days since I've posted a picture. Here's an old one for fun. He's doing two of the things that I love watching him do the most: reading and watching the world around him. Well he's about to read anyway. We've done a bit of both lately. I've been less prone to grab my camera and more prone to just be part of it. Living instead of living to blog as it were. It's been nice. Sunday we had "a storm coming" in the afternoon. It amounted to a lot of wind, a little thunder and lighting, the faintest hint of a rainbow and a little spritz of rain. Mowg heard the thunder and said his oft repeated line, "What does Auntie Omi say?" He pauses and looks at me, smiles then answers the question by leaning his head back and shouts "FUNDER!" That comes from his belly. He's referring to a story I told him about my sister when she heard thunder for the first time--remember this is me retelling it from the telling I heard from my folks. I've always been just a little nervous about all that electrical power shouting around--not so my brave sister. She loves the stuff. So then we wander outside and the spritzing of rain begins. The little man gleefully announces, "It's raining on my head." Then he leans his head back and opens his mouth to catch the rain. Tiny girl has taken to walking (with help) up and down the sidewalk. She's as delighted as he is to be out in it. I can't let my grown-up mind allow all of this for too long and the wailing and gnashing of teeth begins as we head for the door. For a few minutes though there was "weather" (as it's called here), kids and bliss.

Oh yeah! Thank goodness for books! What could be more lovely than to satiate the wailing with a book and a snuggle.

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