Thursday, July 30, 2009

Have you ever wanted to be the fly on the wall somewhere? While it might not be the "somewhere" you may have desired today is your big chance.

Some conversations and things overheard at our house.
"Ice cream colored glasses"
"Does the world look better with icecream colored glasses?"
"How can it not?! It's ice cream!"

"They weren't scared. They weren't frightened. They were just plants."
I'm also announcing a bit of a shift in my blogging. When I began I wanted to do this every day. It was delightful to do so. Things have changed since then. My kids have become more getinsky and less patient with my computer time. I just don't have as much to say that I'm ready to set before so many invisibles. So I'll be blogging more irregularly in the future.
So my dear invisible friends (and visible ones) Happy Trails!


SHAKS Watts said...

Bummer, I love hearing your thoughts and seeing cute little kids. But I SO understand kids figuring out that the computer takes over some of their attention. I'm selfish, but am happy to get you when I can. :)

Chiska said...

Thanks. :)