Thursday, July 16, 2009

Going for a hike/walk
Baggy's Walk
She's just discovering shoes and doesn't think much of them.
She does however love to walk with a little help.

There's a lot of watching that goes on along the trail.
I love watching the watching. There's so much to see!
Everyone is watching something different
Mowg: UP! Seagulls and other birds
Dad: All around. trail, animals in the brush
Baggy: Down! As in what's down there? Isn't that where I want to be?
Watching trains
More Seagull watching
Mesmerized by river wildlife :)

Family Portrait

Beautiful River


GPT said...

I love your pictures, my favorite is the family picture of the shadows. Wow your family is growing. I love that you are capturing all the great things of their youth and their observation. Good job! Love ya,

Chiska said...

Thanks! :) The shadow is my favorite too.