Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something that seems to be slowly leaking out of my brain. It's also one of my favorite games. I had a neighbor once that I played it with every once in a while and she always trounced me. It didn't bother me much except that it happened every time and it was always a trouncing. One day I asked about it. Then she told me her strategy (who knew there was a strategy!) she focused on one area until she had all those pieces and then she would move on. By concentrating in one area she was able to collect all the pieces. I tried it. It worked! I don't remember if I won or not, but I do remember that I wasn't trounced so soundly. Life is kind of like that too. When I focus on one area until it's done instead of bouncing from thing to thing it doesn't trounce me so soundly. It's interesting too that it doesn't matter whether it's a physical thing or a mental thing. Life doesn't always allow for that, but when ti does it makes such a difference.
Focus + Concentration = Accomplishment
I must try to keep that thought from leaking out.

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