Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things I'm grateful for right now:

My husband's handsome face that apparently only I can see.

Tiny's exploration of the "new" things like "riding" a trike, swinging with Dad and rocks.

Moments like the few we took to sit down and play the piano while cleaning our church. I wish I could share the lyrics of Mowg's song. They were priceless, but too random for either of us to remember, with Tiny girl adding her accompaniment.

Then there was the 5 minutes Mowg and I cleaned the glass entry-way. He'd squirt the cleaner. Then while I wiped it clean he'd dust or go outside and hang from the railing the delight in his face while leaning back and peering up at the sky.

Snippets of sleep

Clean dishes

A blog written to help someone on the other side of the world get through winter. The refreshing look of snow in my heat drenched world.

Projects getting nearer completion.

Kissing noises emanating from the tiny girl whenever "Daddy" is mentioned.

Snuggles and pats on the back by tiny hands.

Becoming a road for trains, buses and cars to ride on.

Sparkling drinks and strawberries

Little person logic that twists and turns to make even the disgruntled rantings amusing.

Evenings by the river catching sight of animals like the moose cow.

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