Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Words of a Tiny Girl

Upon observing my Tiny Girl picking silver dandelions the other weekend I asked: 
What are you picking Tiny?  This was her response:
"Wishes!  Here's one for you and one for ya.  There!"

Today we were listening to music and a song with lots of drumming came on.  She started bouncing and then said, "I like this song!  It's a bumpy song."

At bedtime I usually sing a couple of songs to my kids, they are songs my mother sang to me.   The other night as we were going to bed Tiny says to me: "I will sing it for you."  Then she began to sing, "You came from a land.  My mother sang a song to me each night before I went to bed...."  She continued, but I couldn't understand her words.  Those are the beginning lines of two of our nearly nightly repertoire.

Actions of a Little Man

I was a little late coming up to do the final tucking in and singing the other night.  Apparently Mowg was ready to sleep so he sang our "sleepy songs" to Tiny.  It's amazing how well he knows them.

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Maraiya said...

Precious, precious. I love seeing how little children interpret the world and the things they hang on to.