Friday, July 8, 2011

Our first family camping trip

Camping it's about:

Chopping Wood

Chillin' and eating




And oh yes, fishing

Fishing is about:


Waiting (that's the hard part)

Reeling in

"I catch a fish!  No I didn't"

"I catch a fish!  No I didn't"
(You need in on the repetition a little)

Most importantly it's about CATCHING!

and removing the hook.

"Whose fish is that Tiny?
It's my Fish."

Wait, Wait...another fish, for another fisherman.

There were lots of occupied sites, but not many people around.
Except for the guy driving  road grader (on the right)

Not interested in holding the fish, but willing to pose for the picture.

We had a simply grand time.  Despite the "scattered thunderstorm"  that started the afternoon of our second day and lasted pretty steadily until we were madly packing up to get out before the road was impassable to our wonderful little car.  I also heard coyotes for the first time and mistook them for some "yipper dogs" that one of the trailer campers had brought along.  The stars were lovely and the best thing of all the kids didn't want to leave, even though we left in a downpour.  Another first for me was my first fish from a lake.  I have attempted fishing only twice in the 7 years I've lived down here.  The first time we got skunked.  This time I caught one, by myself.  Then I spent the next 30 minutes explaining to Mowg why I needed to have the fishing pole for "just one more cast".  Then it started to rain (shortly after Mowg had an accident because 1. he didn't know where the biffy was and 2.  Then he'd have to give up the fishing pole to his Mom and who knew when he'd get it back).  It started to blow, but it was that pleasant Southeast Alaska rain that mists in the rain and I wasn't ready to stop fishing.  Tiny was done the moment it began raining, her Dad shortly after that.  Mowg about the time he started getting cold (you know wet pants).  I just needed one more cast.  I predict more fishing in our future.   If only we didn't have so many states to choose from!

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Maraiya said...

I love the comment, "If fishing were easy it would be called 'catching.'" It sounds like everyone had a grand time. We haven't done much camping since our move; I'll have to make more of an effort next summer.